Never surrender your bank brand to self sabotageWith everyone at arm's length to protect from the Coronavirus, it can feel difficult to maintain warm connections. Here are best practices for at-a-distance customer experience you and your staff can implement today.
See our handy checklist and get started:

  1. Smile. When you talk on the phone—even if they only hear your voice—the smile comes though.
  2. Take a deep breath. Be patient and calm. Customers may be anxious. You can help them feel less stressed.
  3. Say their names. Saying "thank you, Joe" is much warmer than "no problem." (more on this here)Warm relationships COVID bank brand
  4. Give a thumbs up or a virtual high-five at the drive-up. Though you can't shake hands, you can still create an emotional connection.
  5. Check your social media. It's more important than ever to recognize employees and customers. Give them shout-outs and lift up others.
  6. Check your phone system. Listen to on-hold messaging, after-hours recording and voice mail greetings. Are they still the same you've had since forever ago? They may need updated messaging.

For help creating a warmer customer experiece for your at-a-distance-bank brand, email Martha Bartlett Piland This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You can also find more inspiration when you order Martha's newest book, Beyond Sticky on Amazon or anywhere books are sold.