Get off the commodity hamster wheel webinar for bankersTo be more than just a sound-bite slogan, your brand and purpose must permeate every aspect of customer, employee and supplier touchpoints. That's the foundation of brand love and loyalty.

If you missed our recent webinar with StrategyCorps, you can watch on demand.

Join Martha Bartlett Piland and Bryan Clagett for a recording of the 45 minute webinar and watch at your convenience.

Here's what you'll learn

  • The importance of knowing and communicating your WHY
  • Practical examples of HOW to make your actions support your WHY
  • The importance of engaging everyone in your institution.

Gather your team
You can us this 45 minute webinar as a virtual Lunch-and-Learn. Watch with your team, then discuss key takeaways you can apply in your institution. Even better, invite colleagues from HR, operations, treasury management—and others—and propel your efforts further. Click to watch now.







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