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In an abundance of enthusiasm, many bank and credit union marketers list every important fact about their institution. And they inevitably lose their audience in the process. A simple three-part marketing communication strategy (with products coming last) can help create a more memorable brand.

To avoid falling into the common trap of saying too much too soon, bank and credit unions should think of their brand messaging strategy as a modified pyramid to reveal the right information at the right time.

Start at the top of the pyramid with a short, memorable message. Then work your way down the pyramid adding to and expanding your brand story as you go. That’s how to connect with audiences, bring them along, then resonate with them so they want to hear what the brand has to say. In other words, they will ask for the rest of the story. Read more on The Financial Brand.

This article was published by The Financial Brand. To read the rest of the story, and see our pyramid diagram, click here.

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