Martha Bartlett Piland shares insights from millennials about what they want from financial institutions7-minute video
What do millennials want from their banks, credit unions and financial advisors? Yes, the want digital. But they want personal relationships, too.

Here's our 7-minute video with insights from the Banktastic National Millennial Advisory Board on what they expect from their financial relationships and how you can build a more relevant brand.

Why should branders care?
By 2030, millennials will benefit from a vast wealth transfer. Forbes reports that they'll have five times the wealth they have today and become the richest generation in history. In less than 10 years, they'll be your most important customers. Are you prepared?










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Author and Banktastic Founder Martha Bartlett Piland shares insights from the Banktastic National Millennial Advisory board and how branders can turn these insights into better branding, advertising and marketing strategies that win love and loyalty from both customers and employees for the next decade and beyond.

We've recently produced two video Training Shorts about millennials and wealth management for the American Banker's Association: Wealth Management & Millennials: Opening New Doors and Position Your Wealth Management Services for Millennials. These short webinars have more strategies for marketing to millennials about investing and financial planning and provide CTFA professional certification credits.

Find out more about putting our National Millennial Advisory Board to work for your brand. Want to test a product idea or marketing campaign? We help Banktastic clients with focus group, surveys and other strategies to help them reach and engage this vital audience. Banktastic is the financial marketing and branding agency for banks, credit unions and financial companies. To find out more, contact Martha Bartlett Piland by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call direct:  785-969-6203.