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Wasted financial brand communications: marketers must do better

Martha Bartlett Piland on how financial marketers must use better communications strategies to build customer loyalty and love6-minute video
Even standard notices can build love and loyalty for your financial institution's brand. Don't just "check the box" and send out a policy communication that squanders the opportunity to show value to customers. That's a wasted opportunity.

Financial marketers don't have the luxury to afford wasting time or budget
In this 6-minute video, author and Banktastic financial marketing agency founder Martha Bartlett Piland repeats her mantra, "Marketing Is Not An Island" and shares 3 ways to make even those standard customer communications powerful instead of trash.










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We can help you build bridges with Compliance, HR and Operations to create effective brand communications at every customer touchpoint. Contact Martha Bartlett Piland by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call direct:  785-969-6203.

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