You're heard the expression "practice makes pefect." Esteemed music professionals will tell you a better motto is "practice makes permanent."

Here are their words of wisdom for bankers who want their business to perform like rockstars.

preach what you practice

The gospel of your brand deserves your very best. Your actions speak louder than words. Employees will see what you do and emulate your actions. Those actions are far more powerful—and credible—than words alone.

don't cut corners

Lazy practices deliver poor performance. Just ask any famous musician. Superstars achieve success with the daily discipline of doing things right every single time. The right actions become second nature and mistakes become rare. Be sure your employees have excellent coaching so they become high-performance contributors to your success.

use the same song book

You know everyone needs to be on the same page. Is everyone singing the right part? Together, there's harmony, but a few wrong notes create very noticable discord. The same with your brand: a disgruntled employee griping to her neighbor or a well-intentioned one giving bad advice to his customer are equally dangerous. Make sure you're communicating expectations clearly and regularly.

Don't just pay your brand lip service. Help your employees with regular training and reinforcement. The rest will be music to your ears.

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