Creating a powerful brand experience goes far beyond having a sign outside and welcome mat at the front door. It's about expressing the brand's personality and promise everywhere. Read on for ways your environment can get your brand off the B list.

why you need to pay attention to your environment

What happens when the customer or vendor walks through your door? If your message is "innovation," does your business reflect that in its location, exterior, landscaping, front door, lobby, reception, board room or offices? If not, there's dissonance that weakens your efforts.

Creating the perfect welcome for customers, vendors and other guests who do business with you ensures that your promise looks and feels authentic. Like a great movie soundtrack, a branded environment takes the audience far deeper: they feel more and remember more.

preach to the choir

Employees must not be forgotten. In this era where talent is king, attracting and retaining the best employees is critical to success. The work environment tells your employees what's important to you. It must convey values and vision and compel employees to welcome them and put them into action. That translates to higher engagement and better storytelling. 

This environmental branding concept exudes a friendly vibe and considers sound, lighting and water:

 branded interior concept

Banking UNusual: a case study

Several years ago we worked with a bank on a marketing strategy and rebrand, with bank locations in multiple states. We worked with them to bring the brand into nearly every aspect of the physical space. Floor plans, lighting, the smell of fresh baked cookies and fun. The result was a design that delivered a unique customer experience, unlike any other bank at the time. "Banking Unusual" was born and continues to thrive today.

a checklist

It's time to walk through your own doors and look at things with fresh eyes and ask some tough questions.

  • When I walk in, am I "walking into my brand?"
  • Do I look "generic?" If my business looks like all the others, how will I stand out against competition?
  • What does it smell like when I walk in?
  • Can a stranger tell what my business stands for from how my business is: Furnished? Painted? From what hangs on the walls or is displayed on the shelves?
  • Are fixtures branded or consistent with my brand?
  • Are work spaces ergonomic?
  • Where do employees go for breaks and lunch? Is it clean, comfortable and accommodating?
  • Does the environment align with my brand promise? My values? My purpose?

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