Sometimes when you’re working in the business instead of on the business, you lose sight of the big picture. You become so embedded in the details, the view is myopic. You’re dealing with trees when you should be managing the forest.

When this happens, it’s time to step back from the daily tactics and regain proper focus.

For example, sometimes our community banks clients get excited about doing a special promotion—handing out decks of logo’d cards or parties for customers’ children. What’s wrong with these ideas? Nothing—as long as they:

  • fit the purpose of the brand, and
  • support an overall business strategy.

4 ways to avoid getting lost in the trees

  1. Plan your work, and work your plan. — Look at it, revise it and keep it updated. This will keep your priorities in order.
  2. Get outside counsel. — Sometimes an outside perspective helps you get a fresh look at your business. Your board, an advisory group or a consultant can be helpful in in this regard.
  3. Delegate the details. — Build a team that can take care of the details and let you focus on guiding the business.
  4. Guard your time. —It’s gold, so spend it wisely. Set start and stop times for meetings and for work on specific initiatives. You can stay involved as long as it doesn’t steal you away from the issues that cannot be delegated.

If you need help focusing on the forest, we can help. Contact Alex Reilly or Martha Bartlett Piland directly at 785-969-6203 (Martha) or 785-383-3689 (Alex).