wet puppy in a bath tub with text that says "need a clean up? Brand Audit Checklist"Savvy financial marketers conduct a regular audit to protect their most valuable asset: the brand. A thorough audit helps assess where to correct and polish. It may reveal the need for a refresh or total overhaul, depending on the marketplace and the competitive set, or it may give assurance that all is in order. 

Use Banktastic's four Vs—Visuals, Voice, Virtue and Value—for the brand audit process to make sure the brand is telling a consistent story at every touchpoint.

VISUALS: Look for consistency of colors, fonts, photography styles and logo use.
VOICE: Copy should always reflect your brand personality. Avoid bank speak.
VIRTUE: Your brand purpose and values should shine throughout.
VALUE: Your point of differentiation, what you deliver. Why customers choose your institution.


Receive our Brand Audit Checklist to do this on your own or with your team.