AR 2000 3Alexandra Reilly, vice president and agency principal at MB Piland and Banktastic, has earned the Certified Financial Marketing Professional (CFMP) certification from the American Bankers Association.

“Earning the CFMP certification is one way we can quickly and concisely communicate Alex’s depth of experience and education in the bank marketing arena,” said Martha Bartlett Piland, Banktastic president and CEO. “Our clients who work with her on a daily basis already know this. But it’s short-hand reassurance for banks and other financial organizations who are not yet our clients and who want experts on their teams.”


The CFMP certification is awarded to individuals who demonstrate excellence in the field of financial services marketing. To qualify for the CFMP certification, individuals must meet ABA criteria for experience and education in the financial services marketing profession, pass a rigorous, proctored exam and agree to abide by a code of ethics. The CFMP exam covers many areas including financial principles, laws and regulations, market research, characteristics of marketing plans and marketing components.

“ABA Certification means a lot to me,” said Reilly. “It’s a credential that demonstrates Banktastic’s commitment to meeting and exceeding ABA standards, and Banktastic’s investment in me as a financial marketing professional.”

Reilly has been with Banktastic and parent organization MB Piland since January 2005. She leads strategy development, branding and marketing efforts for Banktastic’s core clients.